risk mitigation

Risk Mitigation

FDA-approved Silhouette is your best defense against wound-related liability. A complete, accurate wound story exists for each patient, prov...

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Silhouette’s pioneering wound assessment workflow frees practitioners to care for their patients with electronic imaging and documentation o...

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data security

Data Security and Privacy

Silhouette supports privacy and security data compliance required by HITECH and HIPAA. Data is instantly integrated into patients’ notes and...

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EMR Integration

Wound assessment data is automatically transferred to the EMR and available to all wound stakeholders instantly via a secure Internet connec...

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Any single Silhouette-derived measurement is likely to be within approximately 2% for area, 1% for perimeter, 5% for average depth and 5% fo...

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advanced image capture

Advanced Image Capture

The world’s easiest-to-use wound camera; SilhouetteStar guides the user’s focus with laser lines, consistently lighting each wound using LED...

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services and support

Services and Support

Wherever a wound is being assessed, a comprehensive services and support portfolio is available. We offer comprehensive implementation and p...

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infection control

Infection Control

Direct wound contact is unnecessary with a Silhouette assessment. The wound camera can be medically disinfected, and options are available t...

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