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Silhouette - the key to improved risk mitigation, efficiency and precision in wound care

ARANZ Medical's Silhouette® provides efficiency, security and precision in every aspect of clinical wound care and management. Silhouette is an accurate wound imaging, 3D measurement, and data analysis system, revolutionizing clinical wound management with its efficiency, data security, and precision, whilst ensuring unrivaled risk mitigation.

What is the link between electronic wound assessment and healing outcomes?

The successful management of wound assessment is elusive. It depends on gathering consistent, accurate wound information from multiple assessments, made by many people of varying skill, over a period of time. The old-fashioned methods of measuring and assessing wounds are hazardous to patients, practitioners and health organizations; who suffer when information is wrong, incomplete, or simply lost. With the rise in chronic illnesses that feature wounds as a co-morbidity, and the ongoing battle to prevent and limit pressure ulcers, wound management risks must be managed strategically. This is even more true if an organization is at risk from litigation and wound information is non-existent, incomplete or in error. A precise method of assessment supports preventative and curative decision-making for health organizations, practitioners and multi-disciplinary teams.

What factors support best-practice wound assessment?

Evidence-based wound care with Silhouette®

Silhouette is the pioneer of electronic wound assessment solutions, and the only solution proven by a decade of use in both clinical research and clinical practice. Silhouette combines the need for risk mitigation, efficiency, and precision into a single, comprehensive wound management solution. Our revolutionary technology combines a purpose-built wound camera, with state of the art 3D measurement and analysis software, integrated with a wide range of EMR systems. Silhouette equips your wound care team with best-practice wound assessment at the click of a button.

Most importantly, practitioners can view the truth of the wound’s healing story, and intervene appropriately. Used by some of the world’s leading healthcare organizations, Silhouette is putting evidence-based wound assessment in the spotlight, and helping practitioners to manage wounds effectively.

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