Clinical Research

Proven precision in wound analysis

Precise, repeatable evidence – the foundation of a successful trial

ARANZ Medical’s Silhouette provides increased levels of precision, risk mitigation and efficiency in every aspect of evidence collection for clinical trials. Silhouette has revolutionized data collection in clinical trials and has proven itself as the gold standard in clinical research.

Silhouette is an accurate wound imaging, 3D measurement and data analysis system and is the leading electronic wound assessment system for clinical wound research, proven during more than 70 major clinical trials, many with multiple international investigator sites. It has gathered the evidence for successful FDA approvals, significant funding phase progressions, and studies published in leading international publications.

Endpoints are the key variable revealing the efficacy of a clinical trial’s investigational product, yet:

Without the Silhouette® wound assessment and management system, clinical trial data-gathering is logistically complex:

Compromised data could lead to the collapse of a site, or even of a sponsoring company, and because of these data issues a product that could have made a difference to many lives may never see the light of day.

Silhouette enables accurate, repeatable wound trial information to be collected by investigators and become instantaneously available to the sponsor or CRO. It gathers the necessary evidence to prove trial endpoints and make defensible cases for regulatory approval.

Three good reasons to use Silhouette to gather wound assessment evidence for your next clinical trial:

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